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Setting up a Serbian Company

July 6, 2010, 12:50 am

In Serbia the most efficient form of business is the limited liability company, due to a rather simple formation process, followed by the Serbian joint stock company, which has the same formation process, but is designated for undertaking business at a larger scale, therefore the needed documentation is more complex. Every newly formed Serbian company is required to register within the Company Registration Agency.

Preliminary activities before registering a Serbian Limited liability (LLC) and joint stock companies in Serbia (JSC)
Before registering a company with the Serbian Company Registration Agency, there are a few steps that need to be completed. The managing board must establish a foundation act (Articles of Association) that must contain a unique business name, which is part of the identity of the entire business. It is important that the company act contain the address of the head office, which will be checked when the company is registered with the Serbian Tax Administration. Also the main activities of the companies must be relieved as well as the initial capital contribution which should be held in a temporary bank account. The founding deposit must be paid entirely or partially before official registration of the company. The company act must be certified by the founders` signatures and must be notarized.

Registering with the Serbian Company Registration Agency
Both Serbian Joint Stock and Limited Liability companies must register with the Serbian Company Registration before they can function officially. This can be done by submitting an application online, via e-mail, or in person. The application form that must be completed by the applicant can be found on the Business Registration Agency web site. Along with the completed form, the applicant has to file original copies of the documentation within 5 days from the date of having sent the registration application. This documentation should contain a proof of the founder's identity, the article of association, or the company act, the bank receipt that certificates the deposit made and the certified signature of the representative of the company. Simultaneously with the registration certificate issued by the Serbian Business Registration Agency, the applicant obtains a registration number and code of Republic Statistical Agency (RSA). Also at the Business Register Agency the founder of the company also obtains registration certificates at the pension fund (PIO fund) and Health fund.

Registering a Serbian LLC and JSC with the Tax administration office
This procedure has the purpose to administrate identification numbers (PIB) and to register for VAT. Registering for tax administration office can be done by filling a form downloaded from the official site, free of charge.

Setting up a Serbian company from abroad
Foreign business activities in Serbia are regulated by the Law on Foreign Investment issued in 2002 and according to it a foreign investor may found a company of any kind without any limitation. Serbian law permits any kind of capital contribution of a foreign investor; it can be national currency, or any other type of currency, monetary and non-monetary. Also a foreign investor is guaranteed national treatment, enjoying full legal security and protection. The documents required for registration have to be submitted with an attachment consisting of their translation in Serbian language.

How long does it take to register a Serbian company?
 Obtaining a registration certificate, tax identification number, pension fund and Health Fund takes about three days, while opening a bank account and notarizing the company's act of association take one day each. A Serbian company is founded in approximately two weeks.

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