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Setting up a Company in Poland

June 18, 2010, 11:12 pm

Polish law permits doing business on its territory, both by natural persons and legal entities. The same rules apply both to polish business entities as foreign entities. An entrepreneur may chose from various corporate forms, when interested in founding a company in Poland, depending on the country of origin. The most important business presences are the limited liability company, and the joint stock company, even though partnerships have also become available for foreign investors.

Set up Polish Limited liability and joint stock companies
The Limited Liability Company is the most used form of business in Poland, especially because it is simple to operate, under Polish corporate law. The Joint Stock Company is used for a large number of shareholders or for listing on the stock exchange. However the registration of a Joint Stock Company in Poland is more complicated and requires a lot of formalities.

Registration of the Polish Company in the National Court Register
The application is forwarded by the management board of the company, and must be signed by all members. A lot of information is required for the registration. First of all it must contain the chosen corporate form, the business name, registered office and address. The name has to be different from the names of other companies operating in the same domain. Next, the application must contain the object of the company's business activity, according to the Polish Classification of Activity (PKD), the amount of share capital and information about shareholders. The number and value of their shares must also be listed, if holdings exceed 10% or if shareholders made non monetary contributions, these should also be mentioned. For joint stock companies, the number of privileged shares and a description of the privileges, a statement of authorized share capital and the amount paid prior to registration must be enlisted in the documents forwarded. It is important that the application contain the board members, the bodies authorized to represent the company and the deed of association for the limited liability company, and the company charter for Joint Stock Company. If the company has a limited duration, it should also be mentioned.

Polish Company Registration with the Tax Office and for VAT
Every business entrepreneur must register for tax filling system, in order to benefit from VAT deductions, obtaining a tax identification number, or NIP. Limited liability companies and joint stock companies must submit the articles of association, or the company charter, the REGON certificate, a statistical number, an excerpt from the National Court Register and the bank account agreement. Simultaneously the company must apply for the purposes of VAT.

Registering the company with the Polish Social Security Office
Every payer of social security contribution must be registered at the Social Insurance Institution, and the notification must be submitted at the inspectorate competent, along with the REGON and NIP certificates.

Registration of the Polish Company at the National Labor Inspectorate

The functioning company should forward a notification to the National Labor Inspectorate, containing the number of employees, the type, scope and location of the business.

Polish Company Registration at the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate has to be notified by submitting a notification containing the type, scope and location of the business.

Founding a Polish company from abroad
Both the Limited Liability and the Joint Stock companies can be registered from abroad, but it is necessary that the person, or company that wants to establish the business, select an issued attorney and provide him notarized and translated powers which should have an Apostille clause. Traveling to Poland is not necessary for the persons who want to establish the company; however an assignee, who could be a polish lawyer, can submit the necessary papers.

How long does it take to set up a company in Poland?
There are a series of procedures needed to establish a company in Poland, each of them taking a certain amount of time to complete. Applying for registration at the National Court Register and obtaining the REGON and NIP numbers, usually takes no more than 4 weeks. Registering the company at the National Labor Inspectorate and at the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate is completed after a 2 day period. Making the bank deposit and the notarized company agreement is also finished in 2 days. In conclusion, a company is founded in a little more over a month.

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